Maureen Michaelson Gallery is best known as a specialist in contemporary sculptural ceramics. The gallery also deals in other areas of contemporary applied arts, such as jewellery, metal, wood and glass and acts as an agent for several artists of international standing.

The most public face of the gallery is the highly popular and acclaimed annual summer exhibition of garden sculpture and garden ceramics. Our lushly planted private garden houses the smallest outdoor sculpture gallery in the UK. We are only open to the public for a few weekends each year - come and be inspired! We specialise in artworks for urban gardens and commission works from a wide range of artists for all types of outdoor spaces: from balconies and courtyards to large spaces.

Our aim is to show high quality artwork that actively complements and enhances gardens, without dominating the space. All our artists have a special affinity for nature, plants and gardening. While surrounding foliage enhances the artworks, they in turn provide elements of interest, humour or surprise.

The criteria by which works are chosen are aesthetic appeal and technical excellence. All the pieces are durable and are able to withstand British weather conditions. They are on an appropriate scale for smaller gardens and are affordably priced. We show individual artists who are responsible for every aspect of design and making themselves and who do not work in teams or factories. We endeavour to support local craftsmen and therefore only promote the work of artists living in Britain.

Click the link below for full details of our forthcoming exhibition, "AT HOME"

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Latest exhibition

14 - 16 NOVEMBER 2014