Helen Nock


Helen Nock did a BA In Fine Art as a mature student. As her interests in natural materials and mosaic technique grew, she also trained in metal working under the guidance of blacksmith Nathan Bennett. Her interests moved form painting to integrating mosaic and metal. Nathan continues to make the heavy galvanized zinc coated bases of her outdoor furniture.

The main surfaces of Helen’s garden furniture and birdbaths are constructed out of old roofing slates. She combines variously coloured slates and other materials into a harmonious surface using the mosaic method of positioning and unifying a variety of diverse materials. She then completes the design by adding a variety of decorative elements. These include found objects; pieces of glass smoothed by the sea; slithers of different slate; handblown glass or ceramic; and found metals of all types. She then repeatedly sands and waxes the slate to create a sheen which repels rain water.

Selected works