Richard Watkins


Born in 1974, Watkins works as a blacksmith, sculptor and most recently as a printmaker. His accolades include working for the sculptor Albert Paley in 1993, Blacksmithing with Brent Kington, at the prestigious Haystack Mountain School for Crafts, Maine, in 1995, and Hereford College of Technology - Artists Blacksmithing Course 1997-99.

Watkins has made a significant departure from his love of blacksmithing to explore the challenges of printmaking. The result has been a dexterous revelation in clean lines and subtly embossed forms developed during his Artist in Residence at Armstrong-Prior Inc. Phoenix, Arizona 2005-06.

Watkins is the son of famed British sculptors and jewellery designers David Watkins and Wendy Ramshaw. For the decade he has collaborated with each on important commissions including; the Double Steel Victoria & Albert Museum 1996, Blackwell Arts and Crafts House, Cumbria, 2003 metalwork and the Nine display screens for the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Sacred Silver and Stained Glass Gallery 2003-05. Birmingham City Symphony Orchestra

Selected works